We extract

We operate and maintain mining, processing infrastructure and equipment, and ensure that we have a skilled and trained workforce to ensure cost-effective and safe operations.


We sell gold and by-products for income. Our sound financial management and disciplined capital allocation ensure positive, sustainable cash flow and profits.

We pay

We provide investors with a strong balance sheet and increased free cash flow.

Withdraw your earnings when necessary, at a convenient time for you, in a convenient way for you.

Why investors love gold

Known as the "metal of kings," gold is a precious metal that is still of immense value today. Gold is known for retaining its value over the centuries. The unique physical properties of gold are also highly valued. The precious metal is known for its resistance to corrosion and the fact that it can be melted down. This allows you to work with it very quickly or stamp it like a coin. Gold has historically been known for maintaining its value regardless of external political conditions. Whenever there is a political crisis, gold tends to skyrocket. People love the security that investing in gold provides.